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London is home to some of the best bookshops and libraries in the world, and there is nothing more enjoyable than diving straight into a new book. Finding something truly wonderful can sometimes, however, be a little bit difficult. This guide is designed to take you on a tour of London’s best Independent Book retailers, highlighting the places to find smaller known publishers and titles.  

Daunt Books

One of the most popular bookshops in Marylebone, Daunt Books is an amazing place and a must-visit for an avid reader. It has one of the biggest travel book sections but is also a very picturesque shop (great for the photographic tourist!). If you’re into travelling, which you probably are, then this is definitely worth a stop.


A pretty well known shop, Foyles is a massive bookstore on Charing Cross road and many people, locals and tourists alike, consider it one of the best places to go for small print books. They have a lot of foreign books as well for those looking to stretch their linguistic abilities.


If you’re into magic and mystery, then this is definitely the bookshop for you. They specialise only in this single genre, and it is one of the most unique bookshops in London, located in Bloomsbury.

John Sandoe Books

Hidden just off King’s Road in Chelsea, John Sandoe is a blast from the past with much of the interior being the original. It has a narrow winding staircase leading up to a labyrinth of a library. The stacks of books make it a little more difficult to navigate and peruse, but it definitely has a good collection of books. If you have visited any of these book shops, let us know your thoughts. If you know of any other great independent bookstores as well, feel free to drop us a message or comment!

Belgravia Books

Another quiet, cosy bookshop, Belgravia Books is located on Ebury Street and features some lovely little blue tables and chairs outside its shops (for an easy way to recognise it). The layout of the store is very efficient, packing in plenty of books to choose from as well as staff picks and new-to-me titles. The staff are also very helpful in offering recommendations, and so it can be a great place to go if you really do not know what to read next.


Having been in Piccadilly since 1797, Hatchards is the oldest bookshop and city institution in London. It is a really easy place to find and has floors and floors of different books, covering all sorts of genres. They also have special tables dedicated to themed picks and novellas making it easier to narrow down something great to read.


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