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If you’ve been to London several times and are bored of seeing the same old things, you’ve not seen enough of the city! Whilst London has some amazing tourist sites, it also has plenty of bizarre and unconsidered attractions that are entertaining and great to experience. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites to show you.  

Eel Pie Island

There are lots of little islands located in the upstream of the Thames, and one of the larger ones – Eel Pie Island – is actually famous for its 1960s Blues Gigs and then a Recording Studio. Nowadays the island is privately owned and houses a nature reserve and artists’ studios. A few days a year, the island is opened up to the public and can be a great little exclusive adventure.

Wallace Collection

Located just a stone’s throw away from Selfridges and Oxford Street, the Wallace Collection is located within a beautiful old townhouse. It has 25 galleries, all with free entry, which show the riches and treasures of the upper class citizens of old London. If you need a break whilst you’re going through the galleries, there’s also a beautiful restaurant to enjoy some food midway through.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tour lets you see the history that’s been played out on those courts. It’s official name is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, and is located just a short bus ride (or a slight walk) from Wimbledon Station. The Museum offers the opportunity to see trophies and the history of the game.

Eltham Palace

If you’re a fan of royalty and riches, then maybe a visit to Eltham Palace should be considered. This stately home located in south-east London has plenty of 1930s art deco work on display, commissioned by Stephen and Virginia Courtauld. You can also see plenty of the old medieval palace there, but it has some amazing interiors that must be seen!

Emirates Air Line

Whilst you could consider it a slightly expensive form of public transport (but it’s all expensive, right?), the Emirates Air Line offers a wonderful view over the whole east side of the city. If you’ve not got the chance to go up the London Eye or the Shard, this is a surefire quicker and cheaper option. A single or return is less than £10, and you can board from either North Greenwich or Royal Victoria.


For the cricket fans and followers, Lord’s is one of the holiest cricket pitches in the world. A seriously well-known insitution and its on-site cricket museum is one of the oldest sporting museums in the world (opened in 1953). In order to see the museum, you do need to book a tour at the ground, but it can be a great day trip for the fans.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Whilst a fairly modern arrival in London, build less than 30 years ago, this traditional Hindu temple offers unique architecture to the city. An important place of worship for many, it is also a very welcoming site which allows visitors to enter and tour for free. It has plenty of interesting architecture and intricate and ornate sculptures and statues. If you want to brush up on your Religious Studies, they have an exhibition on ‘Understanding Hinduism’ as well.

The Buddhapadipa Temple

The Buddhapadipa Temple is a beautiful Buddhist monastery located in Wimbledon. It covers 4 acres, including an ornamental lake, flower garden, and orchard. The Uposatha (Shrine Hall) which is sacred for Buddhist activities and ceremonies. The temple itself has beautiful architecture and is a wonderful way to explore the ideas of Buddhism. They also offer several free workshops on Meditation if you want to learn a little mindfulness.

Wilton’s Music Hall

Originally a theatre, bar and music hall in the Victorian Era, Wilton’s Music Hall is a wonderful spot to visit hidden away on a side street in Wapping. Being carefully restored over the past few years, it has since reopened as a performance space. You can see plenty of its historical fixtures, and there are amazing dance nights, family shows and places for you to enjoy with your friends and family

RIB Voyages

If you’re a fan of hitting the white waters, the Thames isn’t quite the same but you can get a similar thrill! Don’t bother with a slow cruise, but take a speedy cruise on a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). Taking you from the London Eye, you’ll race through the city down to the Docklands. I guess that’s one way to say you saw everything in a day.


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