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You have booked your flights and ready to cross the Atlantic to visit the little island that is Great Britain. Travelling across the pond is no cheap feat, so it is important that when visiting you manage to see as much as you can – and London is the perfect place for that.   Whilst often it is called the rainy city, or people always complain about the weather, there is still plenty to do! These 6 amazing sights are just some of the top attractions that will help you understand and learn about the relationship between America and England.

1. Visit Benjamin Franklin’s House

The only remaining home of Benjamin Franklin can be found in London, dating back to the 18th Century where he stayed for several years. One of the founding father father’s of America, his residence in London can be found at 36 Craven Street.

2. See where the Liberty Bell was constructed

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry is a world-renowned foundry, owned and run by the same family for over 500 years. They have been commissioned with creating some of the world’s most heritage bells, including the bell in Big Ben and, of course, the Liberty Bell.

3. Discover where the Mayflower started

The Mayflower Pub is an olde English tavern with a great view over the Thames. One of the many Pubs in London, it is also one of the oldest and where the Mayflower ship actually began its long journey to the USA. They serve some amazing British classics, such as Fish and Chips and Roast Dinners, as well as a range of local ales. It is also one of the only pubs legally allowed to sell both US and UK postal stamps.

4. Visit Abraham Lincoln

Whilst the famous Abraham Lincoln memorial stands in Washington, there is a smaller lesser known memorial in London’s Parliament Square.

5. Visit the Home of the first Female Member of Parliament

Nancy Astor was the first woman to join the UK Parliament, and was also an American that had immigrated to London to be with her husband Waldorf Astor. The home can be found at 4 St James’ Square, and picked out by its Blue Plaque.

6. See where the Harvard family ran their Pub

Whilst they may have founded one of the world’s greatest universities, the Harvard family also had a thriving tavern at 103 Borough High Street. Nowadays the pub no longer exists but a blue plaque remains as a heritage to the family.


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