What to Pack When Travelling to London

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5 Things You Must Pack When Travelling to London


London is one of the greatest destinations to visit for several reasons. From quality museums to vibrant nightlife, there’re so many things to enjoy and take advantage of in this beautiful city. One of the most important things that every traveller should know about is that the weather in London can drastically change all over the day. That can make your packing different and a bit difficult than other travel destinations.

Your visit to London can go more smoothly, especially if you take some time to carefully plan the things that you need to pack when travelling. There’s nothing more important than to be more prepared and pack your things correctly. Are you wondering what things you must pack going to London? No worries on that, as here is a list of the most important items that you need to bring.

Winter Clothing

Dress according to the weather, environment and activities. When travelling to London, you need to make sure that you are comfortable. Londoners choose to be more fashionable even when it’s cold. Leggings with dress common even if it’s cold, you can also see gentlemen and ladies wearing trousers. Also, neutral or dark colours are very common to wear, so it’s important to include them in your pack.


Although you can find toiletries upon your arrival in London, tissues, lip balm and other toiletries are very helpful. Sunblock, and other good moisturisers are also handy. They can help to relieve pain of your dry skin due to the very cool air.

Summer Clothing

Obviously, your destination determines the type of clothes that you will need. When you are packing your things, make sure that you bring clothes that you can coat or layer. Summer clothing is very important to bring when you’re travelling to London. You can also pack combination of dressy-shirts and casual shirts plus layering pieces such as light sweater.

Travel Shoes or Appropriate Footwear

Walking is one of the major parts of all vacations. So, when you are planning to travel in London, appropriate shoes or footwear are very important to include in your pack. Bring sneakers as walking with your new pair of sneakers can surely create blisters, which will put damper throughout your trip. Also, consider bringing with you another dressy shoe, as it can really help you especially at night.

Most people wear tennis shoes in London or any fashionable boots. You may also love to bring something with elevation to prevent wet conditions. Choose calf-height and ankle boots for the winter. When there is heavy rain, rubber bootie will work well especially if you’re exploring the city on foot.

A regular leather boot is also very useful and will work better in most occasions than a rain boot. Another thing is that, you should always bring an umbrella with you, especially if you’re exploring London. It is also better if you bring waterproof shoes and high-length boots, as they can surely help you to make your travel more comfortable.

Personal Electronics

When you are travelling to London, personal electronic is one of the most important things that you should pack. Always bring with you your phone everywhere and make sure to carry its charger. It is also much better if you bring laptop or MP3 player and double check to bring their chargers.


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