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  1. Fever
Whether you’re looking for a secret bar, a chilled lounge, or a fancy restaurant for a meal, Fever’s got you covered. Their team of experts scour the streets to find you the best places to check out. They do the hard work, so you don’t have to.  
  1. Dojo
Dojo is an app dedicated to giving you the best on the current happenings in London. From pop-up shops to fine dining, they highlight where the best places to visit in London are – right at that moment. They also offer the ability to buy tickets in-app, which is great too.  
  1. Uber
For those late nights, since the night Tube hasn’t quite settled in yet, Uber is always a great alternative. Much cheaper than using a black taxi, and a safe alternative to other cab services, Uber is a great way to split a ride with friends to get yourselves home.  
  1. Citymapper
Citymapper is probably one of the most extensive travel apps for London and various other cities across the world. It offers you a selection of routes, and you can filter according to your travel capabilities or what’s available to you; they offer bus-only routes, routes which have the fewest changes, and the quickest route. They also offer a variety of services which are available at night, as well as providing you with a rough estimate of cost.  
  1. TubeMap
It really is almost inevitable to get around London without using the Tube Map. The Tube Map is probably the most handy of tools, making sure you know which routes are best for you. However, whilst experience helps, sometimes the Tube Map can be a little misleading so it’s not always something to go solely by. For example, did you know Old Street and Liverpool Street are only about a 15-minute walk away from each other – on the tube map, it doesn’t look so easy.


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