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London is one of the best places in the world to have a good time. If you are with your friends on a weekend night in search of a pub, there are top 10 bars that will provide you with all the excellent service that comes with a cold glass of beer. This will provide an exciting way in making the weekend hang out more fun and captivating. If you are fond of drinking beer, the following bars are the ones you should check out.

The Prince

This bar is located in the neighbourhood of London and hosts the best events a customer would want. The fancy lit rooms and the colourful decors add to the great ambiance of the place. The foods that are served are well prepared and served by diligent waiters. You will have a great time hanging out in this bar.

Earl of Essex

If you want an excellent type of beer served at the dinner table, this bar has all the great stuff of cold beer that customers like. A wide selection of foods is served in an effective manner. The foods are served in a delicate way that is complete with garnishing.


The offers a great view of the city of London. The ambiance is very relaxing and the cooked foods are great. The amazing things such dancing and singing could be done in this bar. The foods are well served and proven great.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

If you want to eat the great steaks for the evening, this is the best bar to visit. The authentic steak menu sets you to a mouth-watering appetite. The entire great cocktail is served at an affordable price. A good time is sure achieved by each customer.

Zetter Town House

This bar is inspired by the Clerkenwell beauty and has an interior made up of antiques. The design concept of the bar is made up of the most authentic design concepts.

French House

This bar reminds people with the good old days of having a drink in London. Today, Bohemian drinkers are mostly found in the place. The menu is great as well as the services made in it.

Railway Tavern

This bar is authentic due to the excellent cuisine it provides. The bar sets the best parts in making each hang out more fun and inviting. The dark and cosy place sets the right mood for fun.

Southampton Arms

This amazing pub provides a delicious beer and a menu of scotch eggs and pork pie. The menu is great as well as the service it provides.

Pride Spitalfields

The old-fashioned pub house is still great amidst the passing of the decades. The bar provides the best deals that serve many London citizens who want to have a drink.

Wenlock Arms

The bar can easily be found on the streets of London. The placed has proven to provide the best services that you would want.

Each of these 10 bars provides an excellent selection for a place to hang out. All the merriment is here.


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